Chevrolet 1/2 T Pick up

Location: Netherlands
Technical data:
  • YOR:
  • 1970
  • Body Style:
  • Pick up
  • Condition:
  • 3. good condition

Additional Info

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This Chevrolet 1/2 T Pickup (stepside). This pickup with a 5.7 Edelbrock Small block is from 1970, it was imported and registered in the Netherlands in 1999. This item is generally in reasonably good condition. The interior is clean and tidy and has no tears.
The car starts well and the engine runs nicely.
The exterior looks good but has some rusting and wear in places. It currently only runs on petrol, however it used to have a gas installation. Bottom in good condition including the stainless steel exhaust. Very complete car. No valid Dutch periodic vehicle inspection. It has stood still for a very long time and should be completely checked. It’s really noticeable the car was very well maintained in the past. Especially for the enthusiast, a vehicle with some work.

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