Aiglon motocycle – early 50s

Location: Netherlands
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Aiglon is a historic French motorcycle brand.

The specimen offered here is a real barn and likes to decorate or restore. There are no documents with the motorcycle. Engine does not run and the carburettors are missing.

The company name was: M. Debarelle, Argenteuil, later Ateliers Aiglon, Courbevoie and S.A. France Motorcycles, Mandeure, Doubs (1902-1953).
This was a French factory founded in 1902. First, engine blocks of a certain engineer Amstoutz were used, later all kinds of built-in engines from FMC, Minerva, Mirus, Peugeot and Zürcher followed.
In the twenties the company moved to Courbevoie and they built two-stroke from 98- to 250 cc and single-cylinder four-strokes up to 350 cc. In 1922 Aiglon was taken over by FMC, a subsidiary of Peugeot, but Aiglon continued to produce under its own name.

From 1936, motorcycles were made in different capacity classes: 100, 175 and 250cc models with two and four-strokes, 350 and 500cc models with four-strokes. The latter were in turn available as both a top and side valve. Production was discontinued in 1938, but in 1945 the company restarted with a 500cc OHV. In 1948 the program was expanded again with 100, 125 and 150cc models, again with two and four-stroke models and three or four gears.

Towards the end, 125 and 175 cc AMC single cylinder four-stroke and 250 cc FMC two-cylinder two-stroke were used. Aiglon closed its gates in 1953.

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