Otten Caravan vintage camping 1980

Location: Netherlands
Technical data:
  • YOR:
  • 1980
  • Condition:
  • 5. driving with work to do

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Otten was a Dutch bodywork and caravan manufacturer in Muntendam, which produced caravans from 1956 to 1994.
The brothers Jan Cornelis and Barend Otten had already built a small test caravan before 1940, but due to the outbreak of the Second World War, serial production of caravans did not start until 1956.

The Otten caravans had a special design. All caravan models were fitted with pop-top roofs. Due to the low height, the air resistance was low, which also kept the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle within limits. The Otten caravans retained their distinctive appearance – with a floor area shorter than the roofline – until 1982, after which a more traditional design followed. Many models were launched over the years. From small to large they were given the model designations Zwerver, Speurder, Tractor, Cruiser and Explorer.

All Otten caravans are built according to the same construction principle: a wooden frame of elm or ash wood, plywood interior cladding, insulation materials such as styropor and cotton blankets. The outer cladding was made of Masonite, an oil-impregnated hardboard from Sweden. This flexible and sturdy material is very suitable for caravan builders. Most manufacturers used Masonite until about 1966 and then switched to aluminum or all polyester. Otten remained loyal to Masonite until the end. Over time, the tubular steel chassis was replaced by an ALKO undercarriage.

Nice and rare Otten Trekker DS from 1980 with lifting roof.
Will need to be refurbished. This caravan has recently been taken over from contents.
The bottom is hard and the caravan drives and can be taken with you.
Caravan weighs 512 kg with a maximum mass of 850 kg.

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